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Tastes of Japan in Montenegro

When considering the fact that Budva is aspiring to become one of the most prestigious tourism centres in the world, one of the most important aspect of that image are the most modern, and the most visited restaurants in the world – a category that Japanese restaurants certainly belong to.

Budva successfully stands out on the region’s tourist map, and the city’s dining options, such as the Japanese restaurant ‘Promenada’, within Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa Resort are an important contributing factor.

The quality of the restaurant’s offer is fully compatible with the standard of the most luxurious hotel in Montenegro, as unique specialities served in a relaxed and pleasant beach-front atmosphere.


It is interesting to note that although these types of restaurants are best known for their sushi, a type of food which is mainly prepared with sea algae, rice and raw fish, Promenada restaurant also has a wide variety of meat and vegitable dishes on offer, served in specific sauces and salads characteristic of the far East.

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