Montenegro is not only a fantastic vacation destination, but it is also a place with a cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dating back centuries. Learning about the local customs of this small Balkan country is the best way to appreciate Montenegrin culture. Join one of the many festival celebrations that happen every year at a specific time.  

 The celebrations start with the beginning of New Year, but summertime is the most favorable season for all happenings. The majority of festivals in Montenegro take place from June until September. Also, summer is the most visited period for travelers coming to Montenegro, so plan your vacation according to these events for the ultimate experience during your visit.

 Montenegro is a small country with plenty to offer. There is something for every taste and preference, from free music festivals to fancy wine tastings, film festivals, and other events with spectacular fireworks.  

 This guide will point out some of the most exciting events in Montenegro. Learn more about them as we sort through the festivals according to the calendar and pick some that interest you most.

 Although our list includes details of all current yearly events, be sure to check with a local travel organization information center before your arrival for the latest updates about these events since cancelations and date changes are possible due to the pandemic guidelines.

 Choosing from the excessive list of festivals to visit could be a challenge. World events, like the Sea Dance Festival in Budva and the International fashion festival in Kotor, are IT events for many celebrities and draw most crowds. 


Also, with the kids out of school and the weather is warming up, it is time to fill your list of summer family fun. Take your family to one of many festivals in Montenegro. There are events for culinary lovers, art lovers, music, movies, fashion, or sports fans in your family. We are sure that you will find something for everyone. Here is a review of the best summer festivals in Montenegro for 2021. season.