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A Book - Montenegrins in Argentina

Image Two books relating to Montenegrin immigrants in North America are under preparation: one of them is exclusively concerend with history from the time of the first records of the presence of Montenegrins in the USA up to today. The other book is about Montenegrin organizations in America and its working title is "Montenegrin Organizations and Journals in USA after 1918". Both books will be published by These editions represent a sort of natural continuation of the books "Montenegrins in Argentina" 2000. and "Montenegrin Emigres: Argentina" 2002 which were published in the last two years. Interested individuals or organizations who may be able to help this considerable project with information, advice or finance, may contact us by e-mail:

All advice, help and suggestions are welcome with the aim of making the publications as comprehensive and complete as possible. Respectfully yours,
Project director
Gordan Stojovic



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