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Kolašin is one of Montenegro's most popular winter tourist resorts and has something for everyone, from a rich, unique history to landmarks and attractions, as well as daytime and evening excursions.
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The Tivat Riviera is shallow and has some of the warmest water on the Montenegrin coast. With a beautiful view of three islands, Tivat is a unique archipelago on the Mediterranean. With its rich history, beautiful environs and summer celebration, Tivatsko
Herceg Novi
City of Herceg Novi - Boka Kotorska Bay: Founded in 1382 because of salt trade, crisscrossed by numerous steps and stairways Herceg Novi is also known as Town Garden and Mimosa Town as well as the Town of Writers. Discover, see and visit.
Budva Montenegro, Будва Черногория: Imagine lazy palms trees rising above red-roofed houses, ancient fortification walls that overlook a pebbled beach and islet visible in the distance. This is just one of many pictures of Budva, the oldest
The city of Bar, Montenegro is located near the sea and serves as an important traffic center for the county—it is the last stop on the regional railway line from Belgrade and is the biggest maritime town in Montenegro, offering a regular ferry
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Looking at a Bay of Kotor roadmap, it’s easy to overlook the village of Baošići; it’s small, seemingly insignificant dot overshadowed by the larger dots representing Zelenika and Bijela. But this small village has plenty to offer,
A well-known spa and rehabilitation center on the east Adriatic Sea and the only health resort in Montenegro, Igalo is today a major part of Herceg Novi. The fine sands along the beaches here form mildly radioactive mud when mixed with water.
The exceptional beauty of the long, sandy beach in Bečići, Montenegro, earned it honors as one of the finest beaches in Europe (Grand Prix, Paris) in 1935. But this beautiful beach was rarely mentioned in, writing, even to this day, and when it
Kotor is situated near the Boka Kotorska Bay on the east side of the Adriatic. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Montenegro, partly for its rich history, but mainly for its unique and beautiful views, both from the town and of the town on approach
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Ulcinj sits on the southernmost end of the Montenegro coast on the Littoral. This area is home to three main tourist attractions: the Old Town, Great Beach and the nudist island, Ada Bojana. 
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Djenovici is a coastal village that is interesting in winter and summer., In February during the Mimosa festival and summer as a perfect family, resort with sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean, vegetation.
Just 10 minutes from Herceg Novi, on the Riviera, lies Kumbor, a small, coastal village, once a suburb overshadowed by Zelenika and Meljine, that is today growing into a much larger attraction for tourists. 
Perast, fascinating town in the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) rich maritime history, countless baroque stone palaces and two jewel-like islets in front. 
Petrovac is a Mediterranean medallion on the Montenegro coast. It has all the three categories to be unique: architecture, climate and vegetation.